Solid wood regular restaurant bar checkout counter with LED lights



The design style of the restaurant is made up of many choices, but some businessmen with feelings like the design of wood as the theme. This is why it has always been loved by customers, because it is made of high quality solid wood, exudes a warm and delicate feeling, and is sure to impress customers. The rich texture and natural finish of the wood give the counter a timeless appeal that will complement the decor of any restaurant. Straight edges and simple silhouettes create a sense of order and organization, making it easier for staff to work efficiently and customers to navigate the checkout process seamlessly.

reception desk

Unique annual ring

We all know that trees have ages just like us, which means that the number of circles in a tree represents the age of the tree. This reception desk is spliced together with many squares, and inside the square is a design with a circle, which has a lot of circles, that is, the tree rings. But its surface design is protruding, and it feels like a tree-ring.The square is the main highlight of the whole front desk design, which is also very creative. Visitors are attracted at first sight when they walk into the reception desk.

reception desk

Solid wood finish

Solid wood wood can be easily molded, carved and finished, creating a unique and personalized design that embodies the style and personality of the office space. Whether you prefer a traditional, classic design or a modern, contemporary look, the solid wood reception desk can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.Its surface is wood with texture and lines, after treatment, its surface feels textured, you can clearly feel its lines and lines.

reception deskreception desk

The above is a variety of color matching design, you can choose the one you like from the above as your front desk. Each style has a different display effect, so you can consider different design styles when using different places.In the rectangular frame, we will also install LED lights inside the frame to illuminate the front desk. Under the illumination of LED, the area of the reception desk will be more atmospheric and more advanced.