Stylish Green Arc Reception Desk with LED light for Office Spaces


Modern and stylish green arc reception desk, perfect for any office space.


The Green arc reception desk is a modern and stylish piece of furniture perfect for welcoming guests and clients into any office space. Its sleek design and vibrant color make a bold statement.The reception desk with green theme design is a very modern design concept and style design. Usually used in some hair salons as the front desk, this counter can only accommodate a maximum of two people, because the location is too small. If your front desk area is relatively large, we can also customize according to your area.

  • Size and material. The dimensions of this counter are 1500 diameter x 600 width x 1100mm height. Materials use fire boards and stone countertops. We’ll install LED lights under the counter
  • Customize and production. Production time is about 28 working days. If you need to customize the service, please contact our customer service in time, tell the customer service you want to customize the content, such as size, style, materials and your logo and so on some design concepts
  • Payment method.Wire transfer or Western Union is fine. But before you pay, you can contact our customer service to give you a commercial invoice. Before the construction, we will draw detailed construction drawings for your confirmation. We can start production as soon as we receive your confirmation.