Stylish L-Shaped LED Light Reception Desk with Wood Grain Finish


Modern L-shaped reception desk with LED lights and wood grain finish for a sleek and professional office space.


The L-shaped LED light reception desk with wood grain finish is a modern and stylish addition to any office space. The built-in LED lights provide a sleek and professional look, while the wood grain adds warmth and sophistication.An L-shaped LED reception desk with wood veneer will be a stylish and modern addition to any office or reception area. LED lights can be integrated into the table to provide a stylish and futuristic look, while wood patterned finishes add a touch of warmth and sophistication.

LED light

The L-shape design of the desk allows for plenty of workspace and storage options, making it practical and functional for a receptionist or office worker. The LED lights can be customized to change colors or patterns, adding a fun and dynamic element to the desk.

How to start

  1. Since we are a customized factory, all furniture is customized according to customer requirements, so before the start of production, please contact our customer service in time. Let the customer service know the size, color and style of the cabinet you want to make.
  2. Please pay 50% deposit before starting production. If the total order amount is relatively small, you need to pay the full amount and then start production.
  3. We have three payment methods: one is wire transfer, one is Western Union, and the last one is paypal. After confirming the order, please consult the customer service payment account or ask the customer service to issue an order invoice to you.