Stylish Purple Half Circle Shape Reception Desk for Salon – Professional and Functional


Stylish purple half circle reception desk for salons, combining functionality and aesthetics for a professional look.


A half circle shape reception desk is a curved desk that is typically placed against a wall or in a corner. It has a rounded front edge and a flat back edge, creating a semi-circle shape. This type of desk is often used in reception areas or front offices to provide a welcoming and professional space for greeting visitors and managing administrative tasks. The design allows for easy access for both the receptionist and visitors, and can also help to maximize space in smaller areas.

Half Circle Shape

The semicircle design of the reception desk is a very good design attention, because it attracts the attention of many customers with its own unique design shape. Its front is a curved curved design arc shaped board, similar to a semicircle, the design concept is relatively open, so that the customer has a sense of being invited. This also allows our visitors to be more bold in their inquiries and interactions with us. The semicircle design is curved in the middle, and there is a lot of space for things.
Semi-circular inside can be free layout, design some storage cabinets, cabinet doors to put our personal belongings and documents. You can put some decorations, plants and so on on the counter to make your counter look alive.There’s room for two people, so if you’re a small startup, it’s just the right size to stand on. Because it is the design of arc shape, in addition to the middle, the space on both sides of the counter can also install drawers, safe deposit box inside.

Stone countertop

Stone countertops are a hard material, which is ideal when you use heavy products on them or when you often need to repair things.The stone material is smooth, and if you accidentally stain the counter, it will be a very easy thing to clean and you will be very grateful.This material also matches your floor style, and the color of the stone can also be customized, customized to your favorite color, generally using simple white stone like this as a countertop.

Purple baking paint 

Purple is a designer’s modern and trendy logo, and many large brand designers will use this color to make some furniture. This counter will be a great showcase for your front desk design.It is also a very good choice for some customers to replace the purple paint with translucent stone. If you want to attract attention, it is recommended to use this effect in your restaurant.In order to make your store more compatible with the reception desk, you can make your back cabinet white and purple theme design, so it looks very matching design.

The color of the cabinet can be customized. We will give you a Pantone catalog before making it, and you can choose a color you like to make it.Materials can also be customized, if you want a more upscale texture, you can use fire boards. Its surface is a more textured design.

LED light

Why do you have to add LED lights? There was already a light on the ceiling. This is because LED lights can provide clear lighting, LED lights are very energy efficient and cost effective, so that your office area is bright design. Improving visibility and installing LED lights around the counter can also add some sophistication and professionalism to your reception desk.