Stylish Restaurant Lobby Reception Desk with Gold LED Lights


Modern reception desk for restaurants with gold LED lights to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Enhance the ambiance of your restaurant lobby with this sleek reception desk featuring gold LED lights, perfect for welcoming guests in style.A restaurant designed with atmosphere is the most comfortable and beautiful. The designer at the front desk is very special, and the inside of the cabinet will be installed with gold LED lights and designs. The front desk can stand for three people, and the counter can place menus or notebooks, computers, mobile phones, documents, etc

Does it glow?

Yes, the front of the cabinet will light up. Because we will install LED lights or transparent stones inside the cabinet, the effect of the production is just like a luminous stone.Front you can also set your logo in front. The bottom is black stainless steel kicker.

A bright reception desk makes your restaurant instantly full of comfortable atmosphere, on the back of the reception desk you can design some back cabinets or decoration, wine cabinets, or some customers will buy products in front of the reception desk. This is a very good marketing effect.

reception desk

Customized options

If you are planning to start a restaurant business, but don’t know how to get started. My suggestion is to make the furniture design of the whole store according to your store size. Including all the furniture of the store, reception desk, tables and chairs, bar, decorations, LED lights, cabinets, sofas, logo design, wine cabinets, lockers and so on.

We have our own designer team, and we have done a lot of restaurant cases. We can send you some styles and designs for your reference. When we design, we will help you do a good job of the structure of the entire store, so that your store can achieve the fastest delivery efficiency. So you just need to let us know your store size and your favorite style design.
So please contact us for more details!