Technology sense reception desk with mechanism simple design




Many institutions and organizations now use the front desk because visitors will see what we are promoting through advertising or when they walk by. After you are interested, you will come into our hall for consultation, and the role of the reception desk will come out at this time. The decor with an anime character draws attention, and the reception desk elevates the office area with a stylish design style.

Arc LED light decoration

The LED light plays a very important role in the whole reception desk, the design of the reception desk itself is a modern and simple design style, but with the LED in the middle of the marble, you can obviously see the value of the entire reception desk increased several times. Make their own drab reception table sign up to luxury.

LED lights are also installed at the bottom, illuminating the entire reception desk and enhancing the brightness of the office area. Lighting is definitely an integral part of any foreground design. You can see above the reception desk, our plus you also have to install bright lights above the reception desk, just like a movie to illuminate our protagonist.

Marble counter

The use of materials in the front desk is very diverse, and the effect, service life, durability, cleanliness and so on of each material will be different. Just like the design of the marble reception desk, we can use some exaggerated marble for the middle part, and we will use some simple marble for the upper right and lower left part. The reception desk designed in this way will let customers look at the front desk of the public. Interesting things always attract customers’ attention. We also want to add some decorative elements in the design, so that our reception desk looks fashionable.

Size: 3200x600x900mm
Materials: Marble, MDF and baking paint
Accessories: Keys, locks, wires, LED lights, stainless steel kickers
Production: About 28 medium working days