Transparent crystal reception desk glass counter unique basin shape


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Woah! Is this crystal? No, it is a company’s front desk, which is their counter display for customer inquiries and visits. This counter already catches the eye at first glance, you can see the surface of this counter is like an ice crystal, and the cool air around it. Still in the ice room, people feel that this is a very new design.This counter is like a crystal basin, which can hold a lot of things, complex patterns, transparent materials. This is a work of art and a very practical front desk.

Unique shape design

Unique things can always attract the eye, this counter shape is more like a crystal basin above, above is the outward opening position, below is the support above the base. The front of this front desk is some lines like ice crystals, and the surrounding area is exuding a high-level and high-end charm.

But it is sunken in the middle, but not really sunken, but because the space inside is reserved for workers to work. It can accommodate two or three people, and when the staff sit in it, it is like being “frozen” in the ice room. Of course, it’s just a case of, you know, not really freezing.

Counters using such materials are relatively few, but because of its uniqueness, there are also some people who like this design. Its design is very modern and stylish, and it will add LED lights inside, which will illuminate the entire counter.The front desk is more crystal clear under the illumination of LED lights. The curved position will be polished so as not to scratch the guests. The countertop is a little lower than the counter, so we can put office supplies or office documents on the countertop.

Transparent stone

This reception desk is made of transparent stone, its surface looks very crystal clear, the surface is smooth and smooth. Cold and cool to the touch. The biggest highlight of this transparent stone is that the visibility inside is very high. As you can see above the picture, the front can directly see the shape and color of the wall cabinet on the back of the reception desk, which shows that its light transmission is very good.

The size of this model is 3500x600x900mm, and it is wrapped in a circular shape, but the front looks like a crystal bowl.The design of each cabinet can be customized, so you want to set up such a counter in your office or hair salon. You really should consider a style like this. It is relatively easy to clean, the surface is smooth, so it is not easy to pick up dust.

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