Transparent stone ocean blue reception desk custom bar


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The reception desk of the bar, that is, the design of the reception desk, is generally a very bright design, they generally have the lighting design, the high-end reception desk set up, the creative design of the back cabinet, loaded with a variety of expensive wine. The counter is generally long, so that customers can order directly in front of the bar or taste the wine in front of the bar. Chat.

reception desk

Design detail

  • The first thing you see in the lobby of the hotel is our reception design, which is a reception desk with Marine blue lighting effect, whether it is the inside or outside of the counter is a color effect. This fits perfectly with the idea of designing in a bar.
  • Its shape is designed to be a straight regular design, but it is precisely because of its color that gives it a unique effect display, which is why a lot of customers love things like this.
  • Its material is made of transparent luminous stone, which was customized by the customer with the luminous effect of ocean blue. We actually have a variety of colors to choose from, so just tell us which ones you like.

Customized requirements

We are a custom furniture factory, all requirements can be made according to your requirements, including size, material, style design are no problem. Our custom service includes custom design, custom furniture style, custom size, custom materials, if you are used in your shop, company, hotel or any business area can ask us to do it for you.

Size: 3200x600x1100mm
Material: transparent stone
Production: About 25-28 business days