U-shaped pink wave plate reception desk in Organization registration desk


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Wow!!!As I walk into the Organization registration desk, my eyes are immediately drawn to the stunning U-shaped pink wave plate reception desk that greets me. The desk is a beautiful blend of functionality and design, perfectly capturing the essence of the Organization’s modern and welcoming atmosphere.This reception desk is made of pink wavy panels decorated with tables, plus gold stainless steel accents to give it a unique and striking look. The soft, pastel pink adds a touch of femininity and warmth to the space, making visitors feel immediately at ease as they approach their desks.

reception desk

U shape design

The U shape design of the reception desk will always receive a lot of people like, because it is a very popular design shape. Do you know why this shape design is so popular? Because the U-shaped counter can reflect the confidentiality of the counter, visitors can only consult on the front and left and right sides of the reception desk. And this counter can accommodate 3-4 people to work in it, although it looks like it will be crowded with four people standing inside, but in fact it is not. Because the front of the counter can stand two staff, the left and right sides can also stand one.

reception desk

If you don’t want so many people standing inside, you can also stand only two staff, left and right can also move freely, there is plenty of room inside to move.The staff can enter and exit at the door on the left, which is very convenient.

Stone countertop

This reception counter is made of white artificial stone, which perfectly combines with the pink cabinet. They are two theme colors that are used in many modern designs. One of the biggest advantages of using artificial stone countertops is that they are durable and have a long service life. Unlike natural stone countertops, artificial stone has been carefully designed to be very strong and resistant to scratching, fragmentation and staining.

reception desk

Another major advantage of artificial stone countertops is the wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. With natural stone, you can only use the colors and patterns that occur naturally in the stone, but with artificial stone, you can choose from almost unlimited options to perfectly match your reception desk decor.

Under the reception desk, we’ve got lockers, drawers, draggable drawers. In this way, we can store the business documents, registration manuals, or some valuable items that our company needs. The countertop can also be placed on some small objects, plants, or some stickers with advertising types.