Unique design stone reception desk with LED lights in clothing store


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At present, many front desk designs are very similar, with no new ideas or few new things to innovate. Therefore, the pursuit of fashionable and creative design of the front desk has become the pursuit of many people. Because a creative design of the front desk can give you invisible benefits, such as beautiful, delicate, gorgeous, stylish, creative, can enhance the beauty of the reception area. The role of the reception area is not only the reception desk visiting customers, we also need to create a comfortable space for them, so that customers are not impatient when waiting, but are willing to stay in this space.

Unique stone

This stone is not our ordinary stone, it is a creative design of the stone. We wonder why a rock can serve as a reception desk? There are no surprises in the world, and it is precisely because of this that creativity gives people unlimited ideas. The front of the stone is uneven, like a pothole, the counter is also depressed, so it looks like this reception desk is indeed very creative, and it is a very artistic atmosphere.

Our countertops are not concave and convex, but flat and smooth stone, so that the staff can complete the role of receiving customers inside. We also installed the LED light belt at the bottom of the reception desk, so that the reception desk is very advanced and has a sense of design under the lighting. Very suitable for use in some fashion pop-up stores, fashion brand stores, some model stores.


Each type of reception desk has its advantages or the purpose of design, just like this front desk is mainly to show a unique design, a very creative design concept. Customers will also be attracted to this unique stone when you use it in your shop.