Unique Wooden Curved Reception Desk Design with Different Color Options


Modern wooden curved reception desk with different color options for a welcoming and professional office setting.


This wooden curved reception desk design features a unique and modern style with different color options to match any office decor. The curved shape creates a welcoming and professional atmosphere for guests and clients.The unique wooden curved reception desk design brings a modern and stylish touch to any reception area. To make it stand out, consider adding different colors to the design. For example, you can use a combination of light and dark wood tones to create contrast and visual interest. Also, you can add some color to the front panel of the table, or use a bold paint color. This will help the front desk become the focal point of the space and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Size: Diameter 2500x650x1100mm

Materials: plywood and fire-proof board

Production time: About 28 working days

Payment method: Wire transfer or Western Union

Please contact customer service before production to discuss more details.