White modern Semicircular shape reception desk with carvings



In modern design, white is often the most commonly used theme color because it represents simplicity. The smooth curved front design adds sculptural elements to make the simple design more elegant.Using this reception desk can improve the grade of the office, you can see that its front is not a simple design, but a grain design with carved marks. The design of this reception desk is with a little thought, you can see that the front engraving of the counter is not an ordinary simple engraving, but a design with some design sense and curved lines. The whole is elegant design style, but not short of monotonous.

Front desk with LED light

Not every reception desk is required to install LED lights, like this reception desk design, LED lights are an indispensable part. You can see that above the carved part of it is the design with LED lights, and the reason for this design is that we can better illuminate these wave arc carvings. It is also a very good design concept, if the lack of light illumination, this counter may not achieve such an effect. There is also the need to install LED lights under the table, so that we can better see the best display effect.

The one in the picture below is a similar design, but the shape is different. As shown, the sculpted styles can be customized, according to your requirements.

reception desk

Semicircular shape

Why is this counter called a semicircle shape instead of an arc shape? This does look like an arc shape, but the arc refers to more than one semi-circle shape, the final effect is a wave.That’s why it’s called a semicircle. But the design of the front of the reception desk is curved, and something like this is curved carving.The layout of the reception desk in the shape of a semicircle is relatively simple, and we can design drawers and counters for workers to use according to the general reception desk. The countertop position of the reception desk is relatively wide space design, so you can place the computer, mobile phone, folder, etc., on the countertop. On the countertop can also be placed some decoration or plants, so that our entire office area is not dead, can be dynamic.

Size: 2000x600x900mm
Materials: White paint, carving, artificial stone
Production time: About 28 working days
Customized service: You can tell us the customized size, style design, we will do the design according to your requirements. The design cost is 300 dollars.
Design time: 2-3 days