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What is the need for a reception desk?

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Reception is the first point of contact between visitors, customers, and employees in a business or organization. Its main purpose is to provide a centralized location where the receptionist or front desk staff can manage various administrative tasks and assist with inquiries.

The reception desk is an important part of the company as it is the first point of contact between the link customers and employees. Its main purpose is to allow these visitors to have a very centralized location, where the receptionist or front desk staff can manage the daily administration and assist with inquiries.

Why a company needs a reception desk, here is my article to tell you why.

Reception and guidance of visitors: The first impression made by the reception desk is important because it can leave a warm and professional service to those entering the company or hotel. The receptionist can greet visitors, provide them with professional information and useful information, and can also direct visitors to the people and departments in need.

Telephone management

The front desk often needs to deal with some problems with incoming calls, and the reception staff needs to forward the call to the relevant person or department. This ensures that calls are answered, transferred, or messages are received correctly when necessary.

Management tasks

The front desk usually handles administrative duties, such as scheduling appointments, managing calendars, organizing mail and packages, and maintaining a visitor log. Each of these tasks helps streamline operations and ensure effective communication within the organization.

Security and access control

The reception usually has a visitor control system and security measures. The receptionist can monitor and manage access to the premises, which ensures that only authorized individuals are allowed in.

Provide general information: The receptionist is a resource that provides general information about the organization, services, and any ongoing events or activities. They can also answer basic queries or direct individuals to relevant resources.

Overall, the front desk plays a vital role in managing the flow of people and information within an organization, providing a centralized hub for administrative tasks, communication, and customer service.

It’s all about your customer.
You’ve put forth effort, paid dollars, created opportunity, and planted seeds of expectation in their minds to get visitors into your workplace. For this reason, it is important to put thought into the next step of enhancing your visitor experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s a customer, new hire, or potential vendor. What they think about you matters. Building a modern reception area that is impressive and indigenous to your business model is a great place to start.

The unique attributes your company possesses are something your customers need to see. Because you are unique, we feel it is important that your visitors experience it from the moment they walk through your door. Helping you celebrate your difference by design is what we do best.”Building great concepts for your brand.”

Reception desk
Product Overview

The Arlington Modern Reception Desk aims to fit into a very modern office scheme. It is fashionably proportioned to gain the admiration of all of your visitors while maximizing the workspace and balancing visibility with privacy. This modern reception desk, though designed with an air of simplicity, offers the benefit of creating your own personal design intensity by mixing and matching materials and colors. In this way, you can control the look and feel of your entryway—as well as the dollars it costs you to get there.

Size and material

Our entry-level size and material for this desk is 6’L x 42″H x 25″D of melamine construction. The reception face is embellished with two raised corner panels and two face panels, adding surface dimension. The ribbed acrylic window panels are surrounded by hardwood framing that can be finished in your choice of colors. The Arlington sits on two 5″ H platform base supports; above are two storage shelving units or opening(s) for files (your choice). The worksurface (24″ x 69″) sits atop the storage units. However, because all of our products are made according to your size, number of users, color, and material selection, we can offer you the perfect match for your company’s needs. Our additional material possibilities, to name a few, are basic wood veneer, assorted metals, high-pressure laminates, specialty laminates, and rare and exotic woods. We can help you select the best choice for you.
The Reception Desk is Shown

The reception desk shown here is manufactured from high-quality, domestic-grade maple wood veneer with raised corner and center face panels, together with support leg-ends overlaid with brushed bronze. The raised face panels are offset ¾” from the main surface. The work surface and interior face are laminated with color-coordinated HPL. The Arlington Modern Reception Desk features an acrylic glass privacy panel with overlaid bronzed metal to harmonize with lower appointments. The desk is shown at 8’L and 42″H. The Arlington also offers left or right return work surfaces (not shown).

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