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What materials are most popular at the reception desk

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In fact, the reception desk materials are more, The reception desk is equivalent to the face of a company when the guests come, the first sight is the reception desk, then the image of reception desk may represent the first sight of the image of customer’s heart to the enterprise, if the reception desk is not well, after the old customers see, You may feel that the enterprise is not good or leave some bad impression, and there may be various problems when you start your business. Therefore, when making this reception desk, we must choose reliable materials to do. Here is to introduce what material is better to use.


There are a lot of materials to choose from when the reception desk is made, Marble material is often used, and the grade of this material is relatively high, Of course, there are also artificial marble costs that can press it down, but it can also reflect the taste and style of marble. Using marble to do the front desk looks very stable, then when the business partners come to see such a stable marble reception, you will feel that the company may be very reliable, and very stable, The business to these companies should be no problem.

MDF & Plywood

The second type of material is the MDF orĀ  Plywood material. This material was used in the past, but later some people said that the quality of this material was not good, but now The plate material technology has been developed for a long time, and this material can be perfect, even comparable to solid wood materials, there is no problem with this material to do the reception desk, for example, the load-bearing capacity can reach a very high grade. The surface of this material after treatment can also show a variety of wood lines and characteristics, and now the use of this material to do the front desk is more, and this material and steel nails together, can also give people a calm atmosphere and fashion feeling.

Customize material

When the reception desk is produced, the two commonly used materials are shared here for everyone. Of course, there are many kinds of materials that can be used in specific production enterprises. If customers have some special requirements for materials, they can directly go to the factory to ask, or make a phone call to the customer service staff to tell them their needs in detail. The customer service staff will immediately feedback on the customer’s needs to the factory, and the factory will immediately evaluate them. See if this thing can be done, if it can be done, immediately feedback to the customer, and then get the customer’s consent, according to the customer’s requirements, the reception desk quickly made.


Reception desk from the shape of the points, there are generally the following types: linear reception desk, L-shaped reception desk, U-shaped reception desk, curved reception desk, circular reception desk or curved reception desk.

Reception desk from the surface of the main material, there are generally the following: paint reception desk, fire board reception desk, paint reception desk, sticker reception desk, aluminum alloy profile reception desk, etc.

What situation is appropriate for what reception desk?

  1. Linear reception desk: It is more suitable for an open booth, and the length of the reception desk can be determined according to the size of the booth and the actual situation.
  2. L-type reception desk: suitable for booths with more than two openings. Whether the corner of the L-type reception desk is smooth can be determined according to the main structure of the booth. If the main structure is relatively dynamic, it is suitable for the corner to be smooth, and vice versa.
  3. U-shaped reception desk/circular reception desk: It is suitable for the situation that the booth area is large and the on-site audience needs more reception personnel service, such as the auto show, the U-shaped reception desk is often seen.
  4. Curved reception desk: suitable for booths with more than two sides of the opening, the size of the arc is also determined by the size of the booth and the actual situation.
  5. Curved reception desk: If the main structure and plane layout are relatively shaped, this time you can consider using a shaped reception desk.
  6. When the exhibitor budget is relatively good, it is recommended to use baking paint surface on the reception desk surface, which will appear classy.
  7. Under the circumstances of the customer’s general budget, the surface of the reception desk is recommended to be a permanent fire board.
  8. When the customer budget is low, the reception desk with surface stickers is generally used, which is relatively low in labor and material costs, and sometimes the reception desk with paint finish will be used for low-budget customers.
  9. The reception desk of aluminum alloy is generally used on the standard booth, or the special installation of aluminum alloy profile structure, which is characterized by repeated use and is more environmentally friendly.

In order to attract the eye, the reception desk will generally be made of uneven, combined with different auxiliary materials, and add some ways of lighting and so on.

In short, no matter which way, the design of the reception desk must be coordinated with the main structure of the booth, and it is better to play the role of a finishing touch.

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